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Emerging Technologies for High-Power Energy Storage

"This is an outstanding review of current effort and recent progress in the fast advancing field of electrochemical capacitors intended for use in hybrid electric vehicles and other high power applications. It is up to date, it is assembled with skill and insight and should be of great use to individuals and corporate groups involved in the development of hybrid electrochemical energy storage devices."

- Nikola Marincic, founder, Redox Engineering
"Not just the usual market overview, but some good meaty explorations of specific innovations and specific companies. Tactically useful information for investors and industry participants. Definitely recommended."

- Rob Day, VC investor, President of the Renewable Energy Business Network (REBN), in the Cleantech Investing blog

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Energy storage is a critical piece of the clean energy revolution, especially in transportation and renewable energy generation.

Ultracapacitors are poised to play a pivotal role in energy storage by meeting the needs of high-power applications:
    * Acceleration power and braking energy capture for hybrid and electric vehicles
    * Acceleration power and braking energy capture for trains
    * Smoothing the flow of energy from wind and solar onto the grid

Energy Research News' in-depth report provides a comprehensive view of ultracapacitor technologies and applications, and analyzes how ultracapacitors for transportation, grid and industrial applications will evolve over the next few years.

Find out

    * how ultracapacitors will change hybrid/electric vehicles, rail and renewable energy
    * how ultracapacitor technology is changing
    * who is driving the change

The 224-page report includes profiles of 16 startups, 27 manufacturers, 31 suppliers and other companies, and 55 researchers. The profiles list key intellectual property, research papers and funding awards.

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Table of contents

Ultracapacitor Types
     Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs)
  Hybrid capacitors
      Light Vehicles
      Heavy Vehicles
  Power Management
      Power Reliability
      Power Quality
      Frequency Regulation
      Grid Stabilization
      Renewable/Distributed Energy
  Niche Applications
Ultracapacitor Components
  Active Materials: Carbon
      Activated Carbon
      Templated Activated Carbon
      Cheaper Activated Carbon
      Solid Carbon
      Aerogels and Xerogels
      Carbon Nanofibers
      Carbon Nanotubes
      Carbon Plus
      Carbon Plus Nanoparticles
  Active Materials: Non-carbon
      Manganese Oxide
      Ruthenium Oxide
      Other Oxides and More
      Silicon Dioxide
      Conductive Polymers
  Current Collectors
      Ionic Liquids
      Electrolyte-less Charge Storage
Performance Variables
Future Directions
The Companies
  Major Manufacturers
  Other Companies
The Researchers

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