September 22/29, 2008

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More work and effort is needed to communicate what is a complex field -- this is vital if governments are to be motivated by informed public opinion to make some of the hard decisions we are facing in meeting our growing energy demand in a sustainable way.
-Nigel Brandon, ICL



Electricity gets more out of gas

Send gasoline or diesel fuel through a strong electric field just before it goes into a fuel injector and you can boost a vehicle's fuel efficiency by about 20 percent. [more]


Process makes gas from biomass

Mix the right metals into watered-down sugars from grasses, wood and agricultural waste and you get an organic oil. Mix other catalysts into the oil and you get gasoline, diesel or jet fuel. [more]


Genetically modified microbe cranks out ethanol

Knock the right genes out of a certain heat-loving bacteria and you can get it to ferment biomass into ethanol and only ethanol. [more]


Atom-thin carbon material stores big charge

Modify a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon with the right molecules and you have the makings of an efficient way to store lots of electricity. [more]


Proposed nano carbon could pack in hydrogen

Form molecule-size pillars on one-atom thick sheets of carbon, load the material with lithium, and you have a good way to store hydrogen at room temperature, at least in theory. [more]


DOE, EPSRC fund heat storage research

The US Department of Energy has awarded seven companies and six universities up to $35 million over four years to develop heat storage technologies for concentrating solar power systems. [more]


X Prize launches green video contest

Entice thousands of people to propose crazy ideas for solving the energy and environmental crises and you just might spark a breakthrough or two. [more]




Special Report
Energy in transition: researchers talk about Obama and our future

The return of science, the enormous task, the Apollo-like effort required, and ideas for remaking the nation's energy infrastructure.

Eric on Energy


Wattzon has it going on

The website hosts a rich set of graphed statistics about energy that should be required reading. First off, the site points out the amount of energy the average American uses... [more]



Special Report
Energy in transition: researchers talk about Obama and our future


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