December 29, 2008/January 5, 2009

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"There is no leadership at the national level and the misinformation that is spread by the existing energy companies and special interest groups is exceptionally misleading. On the other side, media hype based on press releases or other non-refereed reports can lead to unrealistic expectations."
- from Q&A with Robert Birkmire



Nickel nixes platinum in plastic fuel cell

Put together the right type of plastic and the right form of nickel and you can make fuel cells without platinum or other rare metals. [more]


Engineered algae spreads the light

Genetically modify green algae to reduce the amount of sunlight each cell absorbs and, counterintuitively, you can increase the amount of sunlight a mass of algae absorbs. [more]


Solar cells produce more on edge

Tip vanishingly thin solar cells on end and you can boost the amount of sunlight the cells convert to electricity. [more]


Grid can handle renewables

Contrary to conventional wisdom, generating most of California's electricity from renewable sources will have a minimal impact on the grid. [more]


DOD puts another $15m into algae jet fuel

The US Department of Defense has awarded $15 million to Science Applications International Corp (SAIC) to research and develop commercial processes for producing jet fuel from algae. The funding is similar to a recent $20 million award to General Atomics, Inc.



Special Report
Energy in transition: researchers talk about Obama and our future

The return of science, the enormous task, the Apollo-like effort required, and ideas for remaking the nation's energy infrastructure.

Eric on Energy

December 28, 2008

LEDs can be smart as well as green

Solid-state lighting — lightbulbs made from light-emitting diodes — dramatically reduces electricity use and greenhouse gas emissions. [more]



Special Report
Energy in transition: researchers talk about Obama and our future


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