June 15, 2010

Self-assembled batteries, hydrogen from sea water and dual-use solar

* Roll self-assembled sheets of molecules into tight cylinders and you have a new way to make ultracapacitors, batteries and implantable electronic devices . See Self-Assembled Ultra-Compact Energy Storage Elements Based on Hybrid Nanomembranes, Nano Letters, published online June 10, 2010.

* Prepare titanium dioxide electrodes in the right way and you have a key ingredient for extracting hydrogen from sea water. See Preparation of anodized TiO2 photoanode for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production using natural seawater, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, published online June 9, 2010. .

* Put a solar cell inside a photocatalytic reactor and you can use sunlight to generate electricity and produce clean water in one device. See A concept for a hybrid solar water purification and photovoltaic system, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, published online June 7, 2010.

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