March 6, 2009

Chu to Congress: more research funding

Research was a major theme of energy secretary Steven Chu's statement to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources yesterday. He called for increasing funding for energy research.

Chu noted that the president's budget proposal for fiscal year 2010 increases funding for the Department of Energy's Office of Science beyond the $1.6 billion allocated in the recently passed stimulus package.

Chu also outlined the department's plan to refocus research funding on developing science and engineering talent, supporting research towards transformational technologies, expanding collaborations and improving connections between Department of Energy researchers and the private sector.

The five key areas of transformational research, according to Chu, are cellulose biofuels, car batteries with two to three times the energy density of today's batteries, solar cells that are five times cheaper than today's, design tools for energy-efficient buildings and large-scale energy storage for renewable energy sources.

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