June 30, 2008

Solar and algae projects funded

The National Science Foundation has funded an organic photovoltaic research project and an algae biofuel research project.

The NSF has awarded $160,000 to Zeev Valy Vardeny of the University of Utah to study the electronic properties of materials used to make organic solar cells with the aim of increasing the devices' efficiency. (Optical, Electrical and Magnetic Studies of pi-Conjugated Polymer/Organic Acceptor Blends for Photovoltaic Applications)

The NSF has awarded $98,560 to Zhijian Pei and Wenqiao Yuan of Kansas State University to study materials used to make platforms for growing oil-rich algae in the ocean with the aim of developing practical ocean-based biofuel production. (Exploratory Research on Solid Carriers for Manufacturing Algae Biofuels in the Ocean)

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