June 30, 2008

Hydrogen storage hits 10%

One of the difficult problems to be worked out if we are to have a hydrogen-based energy economy is how to store the stuff in hydrogen-powered vehicles. A pair of developments boost the prospects for hydrogen storage. They use lithium in different ways.

The first is a one-to-one mixture of ammonia borane and lithium hydride that holds 10% of its weight in hydrogen, exceeding the Department of Energy's 2015 target of 9%. The mixture can rapidly release hydrogen totaling over 7% of its weight at 100C.

The second is a computer simulation that shows that a combination of metal-organic frameworks (highly porous materials for storing gases) and lithium should be able to store 10% of its weight in hydrogen at 196C and 1,450 pounds per square inch pressure. The substance should be able to store 4.5% of its weight in hydrogen at room temperature.

Research paper:
Ammonia Borane Destabilized by Lithium Hydride: An Advanced On-Board Hydrogen Storage Material
Advanced Materials, published online June 16, 2008
Improving Hydrogen Storage Capacity of MOF by Functionalization of the Organic Linker with Lithium Atoms
Nano Letters, June 2008

Researchers' homepages:
Ping Wang
George Froudakis

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