S�rensen: efficiency standards will buy us time

The stimulus for projects and technology development is promising, but meeting energy and climate challenges will take much more than that, in the US and globally.

Energy in transition: researchers talk about Obama and our future

The return of science, the enormous task, the Apollo-like effort required, and ideas for remaking the nation's energy infrastructure.

University of Delaware's Robert Birkmire

The state of thin-film solar cells, getting 20 percent of our electricity from photovoltaics, over 2 billion people without electricity, and the lack of political leadership on energy.

Imperial College London's Nigel Brandon

Whole-systems energy research, solid-oxide fuel cells, energy demand and research budgets.

UNSW's Martin Green

Second- and third-generation solar cells, industry's importance, sharing technology, China, and the cost-competitiveness of photovoltaics.

Penn State's Craig Grimes

Hydrogen from water, the importance of nanotubes, wars and the end of the free energy ride.

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